All rights reserved 2010  Website Design By G. Flanagan Made with Xara What Are Gaited Horses?  Our Breeding Stallion ...Jailhouse Caper Horses For Sale   Stone Creek Stables Home of WE HAVE MOVED!!!!!!!!! Located now in Wartrace, Tennessee....specializing in Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses.  We have very special Tennessee Walkers and Spotted Saddle Horses For Sale! Back in July 2011, we went from a large equine facility in Shelbyville, to our home in Wartrace, Tennessee. A new barn was built in 30 days with matted stalls, feed and tack room, wash rack, hay loft.  We are “HOME”.  Due to the economy and our daytime jobs, we have downsized our equine operation.  We have more time for the select few we are training now. We train companion pleasure horses, both for the trail and show ring.  We would like our horses to be “life time” companions.  Horses are very special...I always say...”God’s Gift to Us” Feel free to browse our website, look at the pictures and videos and if something catches your eye you can contact me at any time! Also check out DD Woodworks, information can be seen at the end of this page!  Thank you. Welcome Tennessee Walkers and Spotted Saddle Horses For Sale Double D Woodworks Dale Davis Dale has a full woodworking shop and he makes beautiful unique handcrafted wooden pieces from “Display Boxes” for your blue ribbons and wreaths to saddle stands, keepsake boxes, jewelry boxes, ammo boxes, signs and lots lots more.  Check out Double D Woodworks page.  Will be happy to take your order.