All rights reserved 2010  Website Design By G. Flanagan Made with Xara Beautiful “Sorrel” Tennessee Walking Horse, registration number 20804158 3 yr old gelding foaled June 10, 2008 By Ted Williams Out of Santana’s Honey Ted is a quiet, excellent gaited Tennessee Walking Horse, Gail’s personal trail mount. Beautiful blaze marking on his face and he will go anywhere you want.  Up hills, down hills, through water, I think Ted is my favorite horse that I own (even though I try not to have favorite).  Ted is between 14 3 and 15 hands.  By the famous Ted Williams owned by Rising Star Farms here in Shelbyville, Tennessee.  The weather is lousy here and I haven’t been able to ride since the end of November, but I have no problem loading him up and taking him on a trail ride tomorrow and he will be just like the last time we went out...”awesome”.  Gets along well with others, is quiet and easy to be around.....and most important smooth gait!  To see how quiet he is in the pasture with the other geldings and stallions look at our videos on youtube! $7,000.00 Ball Face Ted aka “TED” Ted at the water trough on a trail ride