All rights reserved 2010  Website Design By G. Flanagan Made with Xara Ribbon Display Gun Cabinet Cutting Board Wreath & Ribbon Cedar Keepsake Cutting Board Click thumbnail to enlarge Saddle Stand Bird House Saddle Stand Jewlery Box Keepsake Box Paper Holder Keepsake Box Keepsake Box Keepsake Box Mason Jars Toy Box Caption text 11 Wine Holder Caption text 7 Caption text 12 Click thumbnail to enlarge Caption text 3 Caption text 4 Caption text 5 Caption text 8 Caption text 9 Caption text 10 Caption text 13 Caption text 14 Caption text 15 Handcrafted wood products, each and every piece is unique, from keepsake boxes to award winning trophy cases, Dale makes some beautiful wood items out of cedar, walnut, sassafras, pine, oak and other woods.  I will be adding other pictures here soon of some of the other beautiful items he has made in just the last 2 months.  Come back soon.....       Email for information