All rights reserved 2010  Website Design By G. Flanagan Made with Xara I’m Oh So Blue aka “Ozzy” Beautiful “BLUE ROAN” Tennessee Walking Horse, registration number 20707953 4 yr old gelding foaled October 15, 2007 By Gen’s Roan Reward (Generator Line) Out of KC’S Tintype (by Kodachrome - The Pusher CG Line) Ozzy is a super gaited horse.....he has a personality unlike other horses.  He loves people and is always into something.  Super smart, learns fast, loves to trail ride.  Ozzy is full of energy and loves to be groomed, bathed and loved.  He will always come to you out in the field or be the first one at the gate to come in for the night.  Gets along well with other horses and you can see him playing with others (see video on youtube)  I personally ride Ozzy on trail rides.  He has never given me a second of trouble on the trail or at any other time.  Ozzy is full of energy and has a smooth walking horse gait.  He already has two years of trail experience.  His color is unbelievably beautiful.  Ozzy is a light blueish color in the summer and black in the winter with a white undercoat and of course he has black points, meaning a portion of his legs, mane, tail and face and part of his neck is black and stay black.  His mane and tail is very thick and full.  Ozzy is a great choice for a medium experienced rider because of his energy level. $6,500.00 Ozzy On A Trail Ride with Gail Ozzy’s Summer Coat Color Ozzy’s Fall Coat Color Ozzy’s Winter Coat Color shown here with Mikey.